​Agribusiness Strategy and Ethics

The purpose of this course is to enable you to develop well-informed analysis of real-life business strategic management and ethical decisions in agribusiness and resource-based industries. The course is designed to build your ability to employ strategic approaches as well as incorporate ethical considerations into entrepreneurial decision processes. You will draw on acquired and new knowledge and skills from previous courses as well as the current course. You will complete a strategic business plan based on your research of a strategic management decision from a real business. You will also build your knowledge of ethical frameworks to assess management decisions. This will enable you to provide ethically based recommendations for an agribusiness or resource-based business.

Consumer Theory and Behavior

This course is designed to give you a behind-the-scenes aspects of consumer theory and behavior. We begin with definitions of and restrictions to choice or opportunity sets. We then examine consumer preferences representation using utility functions. The study of opportunity sets and utility functions is brought together in the determination of consumer demand functions. Indirect utility and expenditure functions will be studied to examine additional consumer demand and welfare issues. We will then consider how time and risk preferences may be incorporated into consumer demand models through expected utility and discounted utility theories. At the end of the course, you will consider demand aggregation from individual to household contexts for social welfare analysis. Throughout the course, journal readings and research presentations will be incorporated into the course to highlight consumer theory applications to agricultural and applied economics issues.

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